30 Years of Know-how

Although yoga was still a fringe activity in 1988, the movement was steadily spreading across the world. The time had come to develop professional surfaces for practice, which have remained popular ever since.

Our company was founded that same year when Claus Grzesch reached out to a German industrial firm specializing in the production of anti-skid materials. An experienced yoga teacher, Claus knew exactly what he wanted: a light yet durable, easy to clean and – above all – non-slip yoga surface for safe dynamic practice.

With Claus' support, the first modern PVC yoga mat was born. The light blue mat with a textured surface and mesh reinforcement was given the simple name SPEZIAL, and thanks to a steady demand we are proud to say that we still sell it today. In addition, two equally successful siblings of the SPEZIAL mat complement our current product range: the more comfortable EXTRA and the particularly soft SAFRAN.

At the beginning of the 1990's our company, in close collaboration with our German manufacturer, finally developed a black yoga mat which has set new standards in the field of professional yoga mats. This mat type was named KURMA.

KURMA, Sanskrit for "turtle", is an ancient symbol of yoga, which perfectly denotes the unmatched durability of these mats.

Today, our KURMA product range includes various sizes and colors of professional high-performance mats, which we export by land, air and sea to all corners of the globe. We strive to continuously improve the quality of our mats through technical innovations – without forgetting the tried and trusted.