Yoga and Commercialism

Yoga is hip and trendy. A gigantic industry has evolved around the boom, focusing on profits from the gold mine rather than on the practice as such. Here is what we think about yoga and commercialism.

Yoga is taking the world by storm. We embrace the fact that more and more people recognize its manifold benefits, but the rapid growth of the movement also comes with a downside. Unlike the pioneering days when yoga first set foot on the Western shores, today a multi-billion dollar industry controls the market by aggressively promoting mats, props and apparel with high price tags as being vital for "inner peace".

Our philosophy: We focus on the practice, not on the profit.

Instead of selling overpriced fashion articles, we offer our customers high-quality yoga mats and reliable yoga props at the best price attainable. We take great pride in having supported the national and international yoga scene for generations, and we are thankful for the trust our customers have been placing in the quality, safety and sustainability of our mats and props.

The majority of our products are made in Germany or manufactured locally in other parts of Europe, and we work closely with our partners to ensure fair wages and good working conditions for everybody. As a conscious company, shifting production to low-wage countries for the sake of profit will never be an option for us.